Pelecanus crispus
(Dalmatian Pelican)
Distribution and Range: Distribution is limited from the Yellow river west to the Balkan Peninsula, from the Persian Gulf to Khar Lake in the Kustanai Region. Winters in Iraq, Persian Gulf, Egypt ...
Chlamydotis macqueenii
(Houbara Bustard)
In Mongolia, the Great Lakes Depression, the Valley of the Lakes, Southern Altai Gobi, Galba Gobi and Nomin Govi. Occurs occasionally in the Gobi and desert mountains at 2700m...
Circaetus gallicus
(Short-toed Snake Eagle)
In Mongolia: it occurs along the south western part of Khentii during breeding season. Breeds in the Selenge river valley, occurs in the Orkhon, Selenge and Tuul Rivers valleys during migration passag
Botaurus stellaris
(Eurasian bittern)
In Mongolia: breeds in most large and small lakes, i.e, Orog Boontsagaan, Dorgon, Khar, Khar Us, Airag, Uvs, Khovsgol, Buir, Tashgain Tavan Nuur Lakes and Zavkhan ...
Locustella luscinioides
(Savi’s Warbler)
Southern parts of the Russian Federation, Barnual, Zaisan depression, Central Asia, Western Europe, Northwestern Africa, Mediterranean sea, hot regions of northeastern Africa. In Mongolia: ...
Grus monacha
(Hooded Crane)
It migrates to Mongolia for the summer after nesting in the wetlands of the Siberian coniferous taiga. Large populations with hundreds of birds are found along the Ulz and Kherlen Rivers...
Ixobrychus minutus
(Little Bittern)
Breeds in Khar-Us, Khar, Khyrgas, Airag lake, Khovd river. On Migration passage the species occur at the Uvs lake, Tes river basin, Khalkh, Degee, Nomrog, Azarga ...
Saxicola insignis
(Hodgson’s Bushchat)
In Mongolia: Distributed throughout high mountain ranges of Altai and Khangai. In the Mongolian Altai Range system: Siilkhem, Tsast, Munkhairkhan, Khokh Serkh, Khasagtkhairkhan mountains and ...
Aquila clanga
(Greater Spotted Eagle)
Breeds and summers in Russian Federation, from the Fareast to the Syrdaria River valley, migrates through eastern part of the Western Europe, Russian Altai and China, winters in southern ...
Haliaeetus albicilla
(White-tailed Sea Eagle)
In Mongolia: Breeding visitor, who stays at the basins of large lakes and rivers i.e., Airag, Khar Us, Khar, Achit, Ogii, and Orog Lakes, the Onon, Tamir, Shishged, Bulgan, Selenge, Rivers in spring..
Grus leucogeranus
(Siberian White Crane)
The Siberian White Crane breeds along the middle of the Obi River and the north-eastern part of Yakutia, Russia. In Yakutia its distribution area spans over large territory between Yanoi River and ...
Larus relictus
(Relict Gull)
Breeds on Alakoli Lake in Kazakhstan and Tari Lake in Russia. Winters in Hebei, China. In Mongolia: breeds on Mongolia’s big lakes with reedssuch as Airag, Khyrgas, Khar Us Lake, Dorgon, Taatsyn...
Gypaetus barbatus (Lammergeir)
In Mongolia, G.B.Hemachalanus distributed in high mountains massifs subspecies in the Mongol Altai, Govi-Altai mountain ranges, Siilkhem, Kharkhiraa, Turgen, Aj Bogd, Jargalant Khairkhan ...
Passer ammodendri
(Saxaul Sparrow)
Central Asia, Kazakhstan, North or Central to east to Ordos. In Mongolia: resident breeder in Sharga Govi, Southern Altai Govi, Govi-Altai mountain range, to east to Zuungaryn Govi saxaul forest.
Reed Parrotbill
(Reed Parrotbill)
Russian federation, China and Mongolia. These species occur from the Khankha Lake, mid Sungari River to the Ilistei River, the Khokh River estuary, Buir Lake, The Khalkh and Guu, Azargiin Rivers ...
Tetraogallus altaicus
(Altai Snowcock)
The population decreased in the early 1950’s. In recent years the distribution has expanded into former ranges. It is estimated that there are 15-30 per 100 ha in the Mongolia Altai Range...
Grus vipio
(White-naped Crane)
Winters in Korea, China and Japan. In Mongolia: The Onon, Kherlen, Ulz, Bagttakh, Nomrog, Kharaa and Buur River valleys and their tributiaries, the esturaries of the Tuul ...
Anser erythropus
(Lesser White-fronted Goose)
The species breeds in the northern most part of Europe, areas around the Black Sea, Caspain Sea, Asia Minor, Nile River valley, Near East, Iran and China. In Mongolia the species occur in the ...
Phasianus colchicus (Common Pheasant)
livestock overgrazing in the areas of the species habitat in the spring, beginning of the summer, end of fall, destroys the habitat; local residents living near the Bokhmoron, Khovd, Khalkh ...
Aythya nyroca
(Ferruginous Duck)
In Mongolia, summer visitor and passage migrant. Fresh water and saline lakes, ponds, large pools of water with reeds and sedges.Builds nests in reedbeds...
Emberiza yessoensis
(Ocre-rumped Bunting)
In Mongolia: Khalkh river valley, Tashgain Tavan Nuur Lake surrounding areas. Also nests in Guu ad Azarga River valley. During migration the species passes though the Khalkh, Nomrog river ...
Otis tarda
(Great Bustard)
Once widely distributed on Mongolian steppes, the species were sighted in small numbers in open spaces of the Dornod, Khentii, Sukhbaatar, Tov, Khangai, Bulgan, Selenge, Zavkhan and Uvs ...
Oxyura leucocephala
(White-headed Duck)
Rare everywhere. Around 15,000 individuals estimated to exist worldwide. Several hundred have been recorded in Mongolia. At the end of the summer of 1981, 15-18 were seen where ...
Anas formosa
(Baikal Teal)
In Mongolia first of migrating birds arrive in end of March, beginning of April, the last of migrating birds depart end April, beginning May. Migrate in flocks, families, and pairs. Migrating ...