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Arrive to Mongolia. (International flights arrives to Mongolia mostly early in the morning or afternoon past 17:00 clock.) If you arrive in morning flight we will add near city observation program. Stay at hotel near airport.

Day 2

Check-out of hotel and depart to Ulaangom city, the foremost western province of Mongolia with domestic flight. The flight lasts 3.5 hour. Before the lunch we will make observation around the city and drive to Uvs lake, the biggest lake of Mongolia, after lunch. Overnight stay in tourist camp. (50 km) 

Day 3

We will spend this day watching birds along lake shore. Uvs lake, elevated on 759m above sea level, covers 3350km², is 84km long, 79km wide and 10-20 deep. The lake is the highly saline lake which is 5 times saline than ocean, fed by 38 rivers has no outlet and rich in fishes. Dense reeds, bushes and willow trees grow along the lake. There were recorded 200 bird species, especially endangered wetland bird. (100 km)

Day 4

This day we will spend around Uureg and Achit lake, watching birds. These beautiful lakes, located in the foothills of high-snow capped mountains are home of many water birds. The lake shores are entirely downward without any bays and islands. Overnight stay in tent.  (200 km)

Day 5

Drive to Shaazgai lake for bird watching and reach to Tsambagarav mountain. After having open-air lunch we spend whole day watching birds and drive to Khovd city to stay night at hotel. (200 km)

Day 6

Early in the morning we will drive to Khar Us lake. The 4.5m tectonic lake, covering 1852km² has about small and big 10 islands with dense reeds. Wild boars live in dense reeds. Khar Us lake is beautiful lake where lotuses bloom. Back to hotel in Khovd city. (80 km)

Day 7

Early in morning we will drive to local airport and depart Ulaanbaatar. Drive to Gorkhi-Terelj national park. Bird watching around Tuul and Terelj rivers and Khuukhen mountain. Overnight stay in tourist camp. (100 km)

Day 8

Early morning bird watching, climbing to rocky mountains and along Terelj river grove. Bird watching in some places with parks, around Marshall bridge and along Tuul  river side. Overnight stay at hotel. (100 km)

Day 9

Ulaanbaatar city – National museum of Mongolia, Bogd Khan winter palace museum, Mongolian traditional performance, Gobi cashmere factory store, Souvenir shop at the State Department Store. (30 km)

Day 10

Departure Mongolia.



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