Oigon lake

Surface area: 20.189ha
Elevation: 1.664m

Protection status: Unprotected.

Site description: The freshwater lake, Oigon is located in the valley between Bulnai and Khankhukhii mountains. There are two small lakes near the lake, called Shorvog and Nogoon. Several small rivers flow into the lake and forms wet meadow with dense grasses around its inlets. Drought is drying out some streams that enter to the lake.

Importance for birds: Globally threatened bird species such as Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) and Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) occur at the site. Migratory bird species including Ruddy Shelduck (Tadorna ferruginea), Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) and Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) occur, exceeding 1% of their flyway populations.

Special flora and fauna: Grey Wolf (Canis lupus), Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes), Pallas’s Cat (Felis manul) and Siberian Marmot (Marmota sibirica), listed in Red Data Book of Mongolia, occur at the site.