Please get acquainted with tour itinerary and if you have any question, feel free to contact by e-mail.

Our biggest tour was with 13 participants. Most of our tours are between 2 and more participants, travelling with friends.

It is strongly recommended you get life and accident insurance. Our company covers travel insurance. We will serve you with insured vehicle. Tour guide and driver are will be insured too.

If you are travelling with our company in the second time we will give you discount and bonus /map of Mongolia, guide book, water supply, fruits and dessert/.

50% of the payment due is on before tour and it must be remitted to our bank account. You can pay the rest of payment when you come to travel. If you need bill of payment we will be free to provide.

Mongolia is located at an altitude of 560 – 4000 meters above sea level and the bird watching sites are located in difficult places with mountains, water and marshland. So it might be difficult to the people more than 80 years old.

If you are going to come before the tour or if you have something to do after the tour we can arrange everything as you wish.

You can address to the Embassy of Mongolia in your country for visa. Visitors from most countries are not required to obtain a visa and receive an immigration stamp upon arrival at the airport or other entry points. If there is no Embassy of Mongolia in your country you can address to the Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Mongolian currency called the “Tugrug”(MNT). You can come with American USD, China RMB, Japan JPY, Korean KRW, Russian RUB, England GBP or Euros and change to MNT. Please note that other currencies are not accepted in Mongolia.

You can use your credit card in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, Darkhan, Erdenet cities and in the biggest shopping centers and hotels of the centers of 21 provinces of Mongolia. Please note that you can’t use your credit card in other small places and towns.

If you let us know that you are vegetarian or if there are any products that you aren’t familiar with we can plan your meal. We have vegan restaurants in Ulaanbaatar.

Airport/railway station /bus terminal/hotel transfers are included in your tour price.

You can use western-style seated toilets in the settlements and towns located in every 100-150km along the main roads from Ulaanbaatar. There aren’t western-style toilets in rural and remote places. There will be western-style toilets, showers with hot and cold water in tourist camps and hotels you will stay and there are hot springs and saunas in some of them.

The hotels and tourist camps offers laundry service but you can’t do washing by yourself.

According to your tour route there will be necessary sleeping bag and tent but our company will provide you with these things. We will stay in tent or nomad family in places where no tourist camps.

It winds in Mongolia a lot so you will need thin jacket and trousers to protect from wind. In the mornings and nights it is chilly like spring and autumn and hot like summer during the day. Low rainfall causes to low humidity, so moisturizing lip balm and moisturizing masks will be necessary. You can bring rain boots, insect repellent oils and incense sticks will be necessary in wetlands. You also need flashlight when we stay in the wild.

You can activate the international roaming service before you leave your home country. In Mongolia you can buy data SIM card for internet. There are free WI-FI at some hotels and tourist camps. You can make international calls from you hotel room. There computers, connected to internet are available in business rooms of hotels. There are some places where no internet access and mobile network coverage. But most of the places have mobile network coverage, so we have contact to cities and towns for emergency situations.

You can charge you photo and video camera, mobile phones whenever you wherever you go. Even nomad families provide electricity with solar panels. FYI, it may necessary to bring adapter to fit the plug into a different shaped outlet.

You can travel with your children if you think it won’t cause to you trouble and other tourists. For children under age 2 you must pay airport fee. Children between the age 3-12 are take 12% discount for flight tickets and travel payment. Children over 13 years old will need a full ticket. Please note that you need to take care after your children during the travel.

However, the meat is the main food of Mongolians, you can have light meals with meat and vegetables for tourists anywhere. Thanks to “Green Revolution” campaign implemented by the Government of Mongolia tourist camps, hotels and ordinary families started to cultivate vegetables for their own consumption. Considering the importance of reducing food imports, the knowledge of the population has improved significantly. You’ll have fat-free meals rich in vitamins and vegetables and fruits, so you don’t have to worry about food

If you are injure or sick during the trip, you will be provided first-aid assistance immediately and if it necessary you’ll transferred to the SOS hospital in Ulaanbaatar where you can receive medical service with your travel insurance. In emergency situations we will contact to the Embassy of your country to take immediate action.

Your passport and flight tickets are the essential documents. Insurance documentations may be required. You will need your passport for domestic flights. It might be useful to take with yourself your passport copy.

We prepare the cars depending on number of tourists in the group. We provide our travelers with the safest and most efficient cars like Delica, the Japanese van, any type of 4 wheel drive cars or Russian vans which are best for wild country off-roads. We mostly serve with buses for airport/hotel transfer. There is other car carry your baggage.

There are two types of guides. If you need professional guide who are specialized in birds we will provide you with special guides, the Mongolian ornithologist. If you are specialized in birds we will provide you with local guides who are capable to lead you bird watching sites. Of course, the tours with professional ornithologists are expensive. There will also be foreign language tourist guides fluent in English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Spain, Korean, Chinese, Turkish and Hindi etc.