Otgontenger mountain

Surface area: 88.753ha

Protection status: Fully protected by Otgontenger Strictly Protected Area.

Site description: The State Worshipped Sacred Mountain, Otgontenger is the highest peak of Khangai Mountain range, worshipped by local folks since the ancient times. The following vegetation zones can be found in the Otgontenger Mountaing: mountain steppe, dry steppe, forest, taiga, mountain meadow and alpine thundra of high altitude zone. The highest parts are steep and rocky with ravines. However, the summit of the mountain is flat, its trim and rocky and there can be found traces of glaciations. The Shurgiin, Bogdin and Yaruugiin Rivers originate from the Otgontenger Mountain. The major use of land is livestock grazing. There are several mineral hot springs in the foothills of the mountain, where many people visit for treatment.

Importance for birds: Globally threatened bird species like White-throated Bushchat (Saxicola insignis) and Mongolian Accentor Prunella koslowi, whose breeding range defines the Mongolian Mountains Secondary Area, occur at the site. The site also supports bird species restricted to the Eurasian steppe and desert, Eurasian high montane and boreal forest (taiga) biomes. Bar-headed Geese (Anser indicus), Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) and Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) breed, moult and occur, exceeding 1% of their flyway populations.

Special flora and fauna: Rare mammals, including Red deer (Cervus elaphus), Argali (Ovis ammon), Siberian Ibex (Capra sibirica), Snow Leopard (Uncia uncial) and Siberian Marmot (Marmota sibirica) occur at the site. There also grow rare plants such as Astragalus changaicus, Juniperus Pseudosabina and Sausseria involcurata.