Taigam lake

Surface area: 4.170ha
Elevation: 1.780m

Protection status: Unprotected.

Site description: The salt lake, Taigam is located next to Delger soum, Govi-Altai province. The northwestern part of the lake is fully covered with dense tussocks, while the rest parts are covered with sparse short grasses of steppe and semi-desert vegetation zones.

Importance for birds: The site is an important migratory stopover for Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus). Globally and nationally threatened bird species such as Pallas’s Fish-eagle (Haliaeetus leucoryphus), Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) and Relict Gull (Larus relictus) occur at the site. The site also supports Whooper Swan (Cygnus Cygnus) and Mute Swan (Cygnus olor), listed in Red Data Book of Mongolia. Greylag Goose (Anser anser), Bar-headed Goose (A. indicus), Ruddy Shelduck (T. ferruginea) and Common Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) occur, exceeding 1% of their flyway populations.

Special flora and fauna: There is no specific information about the other flora and fauna.