Shaazan lake

Surface area: 5,485 ha
Elevation: 800 m

Protection status: Unprotected.

Site description: The site comprises Shaazan Lake and Kherlen river valley, located in its south. There is large agricultural field in the north of the lake and water of the lake is used to irrigate farm fields. The lake is surrounded by tall grassy steppe zone. There is a tourist camp located on the eastern shore of the lake. the main road to Ulaanbaatar passes through the site. Domestic dogs are causing disturbance to birds, catching chicks and scaring them.

Importance for birds: Globally threatened bird species such as Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides) and White-naped Crane (Grus vipio) breed an oversummer at the site, while Asiatic Dowitcher (Limnodromus semipalmatus) and Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa) regularly occur here. Whooper Swan (Cygnus Cygnus) and Black Stork (Ciconia nigra), listed in Red Data Book of Mongolia, occur. Thousands of Demoiselle Cranes (Anthropoides virgo) and ducks stopover at the lake in the autumns.

Special flora and fauna: Rare mammals such as Mongolian Gazelle (Procapra gutturosa), Siberian Marmot (Marmota sibirica), Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes), Corsac Fox (Vulpes corsac) and European badger (Meles meles) occur at the site.