Mongolians have a tradition of training and hunting with falcons since a long time ago. In addition, the banners depicting the falcon is a proof of that falcon played special role in Mongolian belief. Marco Polo, an Italian well-known explorer, noted everything about Mongolian nomads and how they live on the account of what he saw and experienced while he was living with Kublai, the 5th Great King of Great Mongol Empire and grandson of Genghis Khan, for 17 years. On that account of his travel, it was mentioned that Great king went for hunting along with his 10 thousands of troops, servants and 500 falcons.

In 2012, falcon was awarded and approved as the National Glorious Bird of Mongolia and prohibited to smuggle them. Mongolia became 88th country which has a National Glorious Bird as well. The falcon not only symbolizes national unity of Mongolia but also is a symbol of Mongolian history and culture. Thus, Mongolian government made the falcon national pride to stop smuggling falcons illegally, to increase the number of falcons in Mongolia, to keep natural balance. To make the falcon one kind of the tourist attraction factors in Mongolia and to reclaim falcon hunting, registered UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, Falcon Festival-2019 was taken place by Mongolian Bird Conservation on 17th of August. Likewise, some uncommon events and competitions was organized such as hound parade, archery on the horseback competition, falcon hunting and performance, Mongolian traditional art performance as well.