The Crane Festival takes place every year at the end of every July for 3 days to secure protection habitats and water, wetland of globally and nationally endangered White-naped crane, improve understanding of local communities, strengthen local protection of threatened birds in Khurkh-Khuiten valley with collaboration of locals and develop tourism in this region. The event organized by International Crane Fund and Wildlife Conservation Society and Support of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism office of Khentii province.

During the Crane Festival the following events takes place:

  • Giving information about Khurkh-Khuiten valley, the habitat of White-naped crane, promoting its importance.
  • Teaching lessons about traditional conservation practice how to protect eggs of White-naped crane and other birds and how to protect the nests and eggs of cranes.
  • Promoting value and importance of protecting water and wetland, the habitat of birds to locals. Discussion with local communities how they can make contribution by collaborating.
  • Meeting to exchange views on possibilities to develop tourism based on Khurkh-Khuiten valley.

Following activities, lectures, trainings and experimental tours organized during “The Crane Festival”.

  • Traditional music and dance performance for opening ceremony
  • “Crane” eco training for children
  • Training for rangers
  • Crane watching tour
  • Water birds watching tour
  • Forest birds watching tour
  • Bird ringing activity
  • Presentation of law and regulations on birds protection
  • Presentation of traditional conservation practice
  • Documentary film about migration of Cranes and others birds and how they breed in this region making tough journey
  • Lecture about different species of Cranes
  • Educational competition about birds
  • “Besreg Naadam” or festival displays national wrestling, archery, horse racing, anklebone shooting and couple riders competition /2 years old horse/ for closing ceremony
  • Hand craft and souvenir exhibition

Birdwatchers can participate in this festival and plan your trip itinerary at the end of July.