Our company has been working for a purpose of reserving and recognizing the resource of birds flying in Mongolian blue sky and advertising it to the youth generation. We also support research work in this field.

Currently, 518 bird species are recorded in Mongolia, of which 17% permanently live in Mongolia, 50% is migratory birds laying their eggs in summer, the 11% passes through Mongolia during their migratory, the 19% incidentally comes in Mongolia, the 2% stay in Mongolia to overcome winter, and the 1% come in Mongolia to stay over the summer. Due to a variety of natural zone, Mongolia has plenty of suitable places and areas for breeding and migration.

Three of the 8 migratory routes of the world go through Mongolia.

1.      Mongolia- Eastern Asia- Australia
2.      Mongolia- Central Asia
3.      Mongolia- Eastern Africa- Western Asia

About 100 species of more than 500 species of birds recorded in Mongolia are occasionally seen.

Since 2006, our company has organized "Bird Watch" tour, consequently, 80% of the total tourists are Japanese’s traveler. We have been learning everyday how to organize excellent and well-organized bird watching tour.