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Day 1

Arrive to Mongolia. (International flights arrive to Mongolia mostly early in the morning or afternoon past 17:00 clock.) If you arrive in morning flight we will add observation program near city area. Stay at hotel near airport.

Day 2

Check-out from hotel and depart to Umnugovi province with domestic flight. The flight lasts 1.5 hours. Before the lunch we will do observation around the center of province. Then we will drive to Yol valley, 50km away from the center of the province for birding. Drive to the nearest tourist camp to have lunch and stay overnight. (100km)

Day 3

Early in the morning we will drive to Dungenee and Lonkh valleys of Gobi Three Beauty Mountains to watch Altai snowcock. FYI, in order to watch Altai snowcock we must walk to quite high place early in the morning, maybe in the dawn. In the afternoon go down and stay at the closest nomad family. (150 km)

Day 4

Drive to Khongor sand dune passing by Khavtsgait. Small birds come to Khavtsgait for drinking water. Desert steppe small birds are very common in the bush lands along the small river on the edge of sand dune. Stay at tourist camp to have dinner and overnight. (200 km)

Day 5

On the way back to the center of province we will watch birds at sites with unique formations like Gegeentiin khundii, Shavartain khuudas and Baruun Bilgekh. After having lunch at the tourist camp, we will go to Bazariin gol, Nutsgen bulag and Baga bulag near tourist camp for spotting birds. (200 km)

Day 6

In the morning we will drive to local airport and depart Ulaanbaatar. Check into hotel. After lunch we will do observation along Songinii am and Tuul river grove. (90 км)

Day 7

Early in the morning we will drive to Gun galuutai, situated 130km east of Ulaanbaatar. This site with beautiful landscape compromises small lakes, Kherlen river and steppe is the heaven to birds where we can see wetland birds. After having lunch in Gun Galuutai tourist camp we will head to Terelj National Park. On the way to national park we will stop over 40m high Chinngis Khaan Statue Complex. We will spend the rest of the day watching birds along Terelj river and its grove and overnight at near tourist camp. (250 км)

Day 8

Early in the morning we will drive to forest zone of Kentii mountain range for spotting Black-billed Capercaillie and Black Grouse. In the afternoon we will do observation in Gachuurtiin am and stay the night at near tourist camp. (120 км)

Day 9

Day tour in Ulaanbaatar city – Gandan monastery, Dinasour museum, National museum of Mongolia, Mongolian traditional performance, Gobi cashmere factory and its factory store, Souvenir shop at the State Department Store. (40 км)

Day 10

Departure Mongolia.


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