• Hunnu State     (209 BC - 136 AD)
  • Xianbi State      (136 AD – 402 AD)
  • Rouran State    (402 – 552 )
  • Tureg State      (552 – 745 )
  • Uigar State       (745 - 840)
  • Kyrgyz State     (840 - 890)
  • Kidan State       (901-1125)
  • Khamag Mongol (1189-1206)
  • Mongol Empire   (1206-1271)
  • Yuan Dynasty   (1271-1368)
  • Period of Feudal Depression
  • Mongolia under Manchu repression (1691-1911)
  • Mongolian People’s Republic (1921-1990)
  • Mongolia (1992- present)

Golden line: Chinggis Khaan was born in 1162 in what is now Khentii aimag, at the age of 44 he established Mongol Empire.  He died in 1229 at the age of 67. The descendants of Chinggis Khaan’s  4 queens who had right to involve in state affairs are considered as “Golden line”. They ruled Mongol Empire until 1634.

In his lifetime Chinggis Khaan led 4 major wars and over 50 small battles. He formed an cavalary army consisting of 200 000 soldeirs, kept 400 000 – 800 000 horses with them. Thus the power of the Mongol army was in the horses and historians consider that Chinggis Khaan promoted the power of horse in war times.

First Asian Basic law: The “Ih zasag”  created by Chinggis Khaan was Mongolian basic law at that time and it is also considered as the first basic law of Central asia. Chinggis Khaan had a deep concern  about how to rule countries that were once caputred as well how to preserve their cultural heritage.

The “Washington news” acclaimed Chinggis Khaan to be the “MAN OF THE SECOND MILLENIUM” and the world recognises him not as an ordinary knight or an army general but as an outstanding leader. Although Chinggis Khaan reached astonishing successes in his lifetime, he never had his portrait painted,  monument built and glory printed coins. He never fancied books, poems, songs about him, he never named palaces, nor monasteries after him. When he died he was burried in the soil of his motherland, no chapel, monastery, pyramid or even a headstone was built as he wished. So the Khaan died in the vast Mongolian steppe in which he once grew.