Mongolia has an extremely continental climate with distinctive four seasons. Spring begins on 31 March with blossoming of a range of plants and lasts for 65 days while summer starts on 3 June as flowering a rosa canina and lasts 90 days. Frost in August marks the beginning of autumn which lasts about 80 days. Around in November, first snow indicates the winter starts and it lasts for 131 days. Average wind speed is 4.5 m per second. The average temperature in winter is minus 18 C and winter averages minus 26 for about 46 days. Summer is hot with the average temperature plus 28 C. The extreme maximum temperature is in July with the plus 30 C for about 20 days. The sky is incredibly clear with the averages over 250 cloudless days. The annual precipitation is low, averaging 233 mm.

Traditional Mongolian has been predicting climate as the movement of birds and animals as well as through their mode of life, noteably if domestic animals go for a pasture early in the morning it indicates weather will be fine. If beetle is dusty on the back it signs the raining and if Grass-hopper rises in large number it is considered as a sign of drought.